LED Flat Panel Buying Guide

LED Flat Panel Buying Guide

A few week ago, I wrote a blog about five different ways to install LED flat panels, and today I am going to elaborate on factors to consider when purchasing these fixtures. Here are just a few things to consider before spending any money on LED Flat panels.

Select the Perfect Color Temperature For the Room

Choosing the perfect color temperature is key. You don't want to have 3000K in conference rooms that are typically lit with 4000K bright white to 5000K cool white temperatures. The higher the temperature, the brighter white color the panel will emit. Warmer colors link 3000K are great for areas where you don't want to strain your eyes.

Dimmable Panels Are Great

Whether you think it is important or not right now, having the ability to dim your LED panels can be a life saver. Having that flexibility to brighten the panels or dim it down can help you provide light throughout the room without having to swap out panels to get the desired brightness.

Color Changing Panels Are Even Better

New technology is allowing manufacturers to produce LED flat panels that can be switched between 3000K to 5000K. This gives you flexibility you don't get from traditional fluorescent fixtures or regular LED panels. While new, it is highly likely that these will be in high demand very soon.

Installation Type Can Make or Break a Purchase

Knowing how you want to install your new LED flat panel, and having multiple ways to install the panel can be very beneficial and time saving. Whether you are looking to install it in a drop-in ceiling, mount it flush, or with surface mounts, it's important to know how your panel installs and matches with how you want to install it. Check out our previous article for more information about LED flat panel installation.

Verify the Certifications Are What You Need

Depending on your application and your desired return from potential energy rebates for upgrading your lighting, you may want to consider certain certifications. Listings such as DLC Listed, DLC Premium, and Title 24 may be a significant factor when determining which panel to purchase. Different energy companies have different rebates, so checking often to stay current is highly recommended.

There are certainly other factors to consider, like if you want the panels to be edge-lit, have a specific trim, or even include something like earthquake hooks for areas that experience a lot of seismic activity. You can find more articles posted weekly here, and find a variety of LED Flat Panels here.