Five Different Ways to Install LED Flat Panels

Five Different Ways to Install LED Flat Panels

Want to take a guess as to what this weeks article is about? I'll give you a hint: it has to to with LED Flat Panels! Yup, we are going to talk about five different ways to install a panel. As always, keep in mind that all installation methods will not apply to every single panel. Due to their design, some can be different, so make sure to read the spec sheet and contact a friendly customer service representative before making a purchase if you are unsure of how you want the panel to be installed. Oh, and installation by duct tape doesn't count!

Drop-In Ceiling Installation

Drop-in ceiling installation is the most common of installations for new LED flat panels. You simply remove the existing fixture and bulbs, and drop these right in. By far the fastest way and no additional hardware is required.

Recessed Installation

Recessed panels have a nice flush look and are relatively easy to install. They recess slightly into the ceiling, which means they do require a little more time and effort to install.

Suspension Installation

Suspending a panel can give your office a great modern look. However, suspending the panel may take the most time to install and is not recommended in areas that frequently experience earthquakes. Suspension installations require that cables be attached to the ceiling, and then attached to the flat panel to hang it from the mounts in the ceiling. When done right, the panels will looks great and

Surface Mount Installation

These panels usually require additional mounting kits to install, just like suspension installations. With surface mount installations, you install the kit to the desired surface (wall or ceiling),then attach the panel to the mount, and you're done!

Flush Mount Installation

There's yet another way to install a flat panel, and it's flush against the wall or ceiling. Yup, no need for surface mounting kits or suspension cables. You just use the included hardware (anchors and screws) to mount it directly to a surface. Simple as that!

Hopefully that gives you an idea or two next time you want to install an LED flat panel, or maybe even replace all those old fluorescent fixtures in your office. Don't forget to have a certified electrician wire and install those panels though, because electricity is all fun and games until the results are shocking! See the video below for an example of how easy it is to install a Drop-In ceiling LED flat panel.

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