Understanding Shielding Light Fixtures

Understanding Shielding Light Fixtures

Shielded light fixtures are some of the ways that light can be controlled and distributed in a home or office. They reduce glare, diffuse light, protect and/or hide lamps, and can enhance fixture appearance. Let's go over 2 of the most popular shielding light fixtures: diffusers and lenses.

Diffusers are a translucent or semi-transparent cover that spreads out or scatters light. Using a diffuser will control brightness and give off a soft light relative to lamps. Diffusers are typically made of glass or plastic and are used on the bottom or sides of a light fixture. They are used in offices or schools where there is a lower ceiling height.

Lenses are a clear or transparent cover. The two types that are commonly used are prismatic and polycarbonate.

Prismatic lenses are shaped with an arrangement of small refractive components on one side for excellent light diffusion and glare reduction.  Polycarbonate lenses are extremely durable and are ideal for harsh environments. They are normally used with vapor tight fixtures used in wet or dusty areas.

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