Tips For Cleaning Light Fixtures

Tips For Cleaning Light Fixtures

In order to keep your light fixtures looking their best, maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is a must. The frequency of cleaning the fixtures depends on the amount of debris and dust in the environment, but even cleaning once a year will help. Here are the best methods for cleaning lights leaving them looking and working great.  

Do not clean a light fixture with the power on to avoid electrical hazards.  The switch and the breaker should be turned off and the bulb itself should be completely cooled prior to cleaning.

Aside from electrical shock concerns, be sure to be mindful of other safety aspects. For example, if working on a fixture that will not be removed from the ceiling, use a sturdy ladder (instead of a chair). Considering recruiting the help of a friend to have a second set of hands for assistance.

Make sure you have the correct tools on hand prior to cleaning fixtures. The most basic of these tools is a microfiber towel.  Ideal for picking up dust, you may not even need a cleaner depending on the state of the fixture.  You will not want to use a terry cloth material towel since these can scratch the surfaces of the fixture.

If you do need extra help cleaning a light fixture, your best bet is to mix a mild cleaner (e.g., dish soap) with warm water.  It is important to note that you should never use water or cleaners near electrical components or wiring. It should only be used, as needed, to clean fixture heads which come off from the fixture. Aside from the fixture itself, never use water on bulbs.  Most bulbs only require the occasional wiping down with a microfiber towel to remove any dust buildup.

Once the fixture is clean and completely dry, you can safely replace it back over the lamps.  Make sure to fasten any hardware to keep it in place to avoid a safety hazard. does offer dust-free panels to help in not only keeping energy cost down, but also saves you the chore of having to cleaning all the panels in the office. These dust-free panels are available in sizes 1 x 1 feet, 1 x 2 feet, 1 x 4 feet, 2 x 2 feet, 2 x 4 feet.

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