Throughout the years, we at have talked about all the advantages of switching to LED lighting.  Whether we are talking about how LED lights are better for the environment or how they can save consumers money, the benefits of LED lighting are numerous.  So, here's another one; they make great gifts for the holidays. So, if you are looking for something a little different for someone on your list (and by all means, include yourself), LightUp has some great gifts.

Night Lights

LED night lights are not only a great gift for a child's room, but are great where ever you need a little light during the night (bathroom trips, late night snack trips, trips to check on the kids). The automatic sensor is an energy-saving feature that lets you  save money while providing a warm light and years of use.  Night Lights make for a great stocking stuffer.

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Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting doesn't just give an added sense of control but it reduces energy consumption more than even the standard method of LED's. These products are controlled using your smart phone or tablet. These lights can be controlled while you are home or on the go for added sense of convenience and security.

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Grow Lights

For the horticulturist on your list, LED grow lights are the future for indoor gardening. This is because they give off so little heat that they can be placed  close to plants. has both blue and red lights available (blue lights are best for plants, while red lights are responsible for making plants flower and produce fruit).

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Battery Operated Lights

From Mr. Beams, battery operated LED lights are wireless lights designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Great to use in hallways, for ceilings or as spotlights, these lights are motion activated, auto shut-off, and have a long battery life.

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Work Lamp

Our own LumeGen Portable LED Work Lamp is a versatile, magnetic light that should be included in any car safety kit or camping gear. It is also equipped with a highspeed USB port to charge cell phones.

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Shop Lights

Update someone's garage, workshop, or tool shed lighting with LED shop lights.  These shop light Our LED shop lights have either an on/off pull chain or an on/off switch at one side of the fixture. These fixtures are designed for either suspension or surface mounting.

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These are just a few samples of the great holiday gift ideas we have at

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