LED Lighting for Restaurants

LED Lighting for Restaurants

The right lighting can greatly benefit the dining experience. A restaurateur needs to keep in mind that the right lighting can have a major impact on the success of their restaurant.  Whether it's getting the building noticed by passersby or creating a welcoming environment, lighting plays a role in attracting and keeping customers.  A variety of LED restaurant lighting is available for both indoor and outdoor fixtures. Creating the right environment is all about knowing what's available, so let's take a look at some tips below.

Providing the cooks and staff with proper lighting not only allows the staff the ability to see what they are doing, but also allows them to better evaluate ingredients for freshness and presentation. Installing LED panel lights , LED T8 tubes , vapor-tight lights , or recessed lights will provide smooth, flicker-free illumination. All these LED options are available in several correlated color temperatures: warm (2000K - 3000K), cool (3100K - 4500K), and daylight (4500K and above).

Color-rendering index (CRI) is also an attribute to pay attention to see colors as accurately as possible. Lights with a high CRI (close to 100) will show colors the best. These fixtures and bulbs are also great for bathrooms, storage rooms, or anywhere else crisp, clear illumination is needed.

Now let's discuss the decorative lighting for the dining area. A variety of decorative LED lighting for wall scones, ceiling light fixtures, or unique lighting arrangements are available to fit any décor style.  Decide which base type, bulb shape and style, and light color best fits your needs.  Filament LED bulbs are great for the classic incandescent filament look, but with the modern energy-saving technology. Choose large LED bulbs that will make a statement in your restaurant or bulbs that are designed for smaller fixtures. Bulbs do not even need to look decorative to achieve a desired lighting effect. Simply using standard LED bulbs in the right color temperature could lend itself to the desired look or feel.

Another idea is to add LED strip lights to coves, shelves, bars, and storefront windows. LED strip lights come with adhesive backing, so they are easy to install.

Let's finish with exterior lighting. Make sure people know you are open for business with proper outdoor lighting. Choose from wall packs to landscape lighting.  And if there is an outdoor patio, there's also outdoor decorative lighting to invite diners to enjoy their meal outside.

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