Quick Light Fixes for the Bathroom

Quick Light Fixes for the Bathroom

The lighting in one's bathroom can be a tricky thing.  Whether you’re on a mission to create a peaceful oasis or just looking for something basic for getting yourself ready,  these tips will provide you with information to get the most of your bathroom lighting.

Our first tip is to keep an eye on the color rendering index (CRI) – it’s a measure of how accurately your light bulb renders colors. In the bathroom, you want a high CRI. It’s measured on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being sunlight and the best bathroom lighting emulates sunlight. Anything 85 or above is considered to be very good.

What about the bright light during midnight trips to the bathroom?

If the bright glare is bothersome, install a dimmer. It is easier on the eyes and provides a pleasant, low glow for the bathroom.  Dimmers are affordable and are easy to install. They can also serve as mood lighting during a relaxing bath.

Inadequate light above the sinks

Bathroom Lighting

Recessed downlights should not be used to light your face while standing at a mirror in your bathroom. Light coming from these fixtures will only cause harsh shadows on your face. Instead, wall-mounted vanity light fixtures attached above the mirror and/or on both sides of the mirror should be used. That way, shadows on your face can be minimized. Recessed downlights can be used in other parts of the bathroom for general lighting but not for task lighting at the sink area.

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