New Intellibulbs by Feit Electric

New Intellibulbs by Feit Electric

IntelliBulbs, from Feit Electric, are smart LED light bulbs that allow you to personalize and customize the lighting in your own. This intelligence, however, does not come from a home control hub, a special mobile app, dimmers, or switches. The intelligence for the IntelliBulbs is built right into the bulbs themselves, providing all the benefits of a smarter home without the hassle.

Available for both indoor and outdoor use, Feit Electric has the following 5 different IntelliBulbs available:

Dusk to Dawn: A built-in light sensor automatically turns the bulb on at night and off during the day. Perfect for outdoor light fixtures or any location you want an untroubled way to keep well-lit at night.

Motion Activated: These hands-free, motion activated light bulbs can be triggered from up to 19 feet away. Its 180-degree sensor detects motion, but is not affected by wind or the environment. You'll be able to turn any outdoor fixture into a security light.
Switch to Dim: With 3 dimming levels, this bulb adjusts the brightness level of the bulb without the additional expense or hassle of installing a dimmer switch.

Color Choice: You'll have 3 color temperature choices, warm white, cool white, or daylight in one bulb using a standard wall switch or the switch on the bulb.

Battery Backup: If the power goes out, this bulb stays on. It's rechargeable and fits a standard light bulb fixture and is ready whenever a need occurs for up to 3 hours.

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