Solar lighting has become a popular choice in updating walkways, landscaping, and any place an outdoor light is needed. Solar lighting is not only great for reducing energy costs, but they are easy to install. Since solar lights store energy collected by the panels into a battery for later use, that means there are no wires to have to hide or that will limit where you can install your lights Plus, if your electricity goes out, your outdoor lighting will stay on, maintaining safety and security. Today's solar lights are also available in decorative designs to fit your style.

Solar lights are also easy to maintain. Your lights can last for 10 years, without replacements, as long as they are inspected and cleaned a few times a year. If you reside in the desert or high pollen area, you will want to clean the fixtures a little more often. Let's go over some simple cleaning tips for your solar lights:

  • First, check with your solar panel or fixture's manufacturer. They may have specific recommendations for cleaning.
  • Solar panels do get hot in direct sunlight. Try to clean your solar panels on a relatively cool day, either earlier in the morning or late in the afternoon.
  • Typically, a quick spray with a garden hose is good enough to do the job. However, if you have a large buildup of dust and dirt, then a bucket or spray bottle filled with warm water and soap will provide a more thorough cleaning.
  • Do not use an abrasive or detergent cleanser. You want to avoid scratching the glass.
  • Clean the surface of the solar panel with a soft cloth or sponge. You can also use a soft squeegee.
  • A good rain can clean your solar panels, However, this works best when the panels are tilted (on a roof, for instance).
  • If you do need to clean panels on your roof, remember…safety first...consider hiring professional solar panel cleaners for the job.
  • The southwest region of the United States has limited rainfall for quite a few months out of the year, so the accumulation of dirt or pollen is greater. Also, solar panels that are installed near sources of pollution such as freeways, factories and airports may need to be cleaned more often.
  • Consider the season you are in. Removing leaves and snow during autumn and winter can optimize your panel or fixture's performance.
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