Looking Back at LFI 2017 and Why It Was So Successful

Looking Back at LFI 2017 and Why It Was So Successful

       Light Fair International 2017 (LFI), held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, was a roaring success in a number of different ways. It wasn't just one thing that set it apart from previous years' conventions, it was a successful blend of ingredients that came together to make this one particularly special.

      LFI 2017 set the record for Philadelphia registration number of 27,939, besting that of the 2016 and is a 7.4% increase over the 2013 attendance the previous time the conference was held in Philadelphia. With next year's conference being held in a more central location of the US, even higher attendance is anticipated.

      The number of exhibitors was equally impressive, with 592 total exihibitors, 59 of them first-timers, and 127 total manufacturers with their main headquarters outside of the United States. In addition to a vast variety of exhibitors, two new pavilions were introduced: Intelligent Lighting and Internet of Things (IoT), both of which displayed products and solutions that featured technological and connectivity innovations. The total number of categories reached 46, a number that is continually growing more and more rapidly as technology becomes even more sophisticated and intelligent.

      As impressive as all of those number appear, LFI 2018 will return to Chicago, IL for the first time since 1995, in an attempt to accommodate the rapid growth of the convention. We look forward to covering the event in even greater detail next year when the trade show and conference opens on May 9th, 2018.

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