's Summer Sale's Summer Sale is having a Summer Sale with great savings on LED bulbs, panels, tubes, and accessories to choose from. Below are some of the featured products that are on sale now.

LumeGen's A19 bulb is the LED replacement for a 75 Watt incandescent bulb. Using only 11 Watts to illuminate with the same level of brightness, this bulb saves energy every time you use it. A perfect fit for use in lamps and other household lighting applications.

LED A19 - 11W - 75W Equiv - Dimmable - 1100 Lumens - LumeGen

Available in a filament style, this G45 Globe LED bulb, from LumeGen, emits the same level of brightness as a 15 Watt incandescent bulb.  The globe shape makes it ideal for use in decorative fixtures such as chandeliers, celing fans, and sconces. Available in a warm white temperature of 2700K, these lights offer the perfect relaxing ambient lighting.

Filament Style LED - G45 Globe - 2 Watt - 15 Watt Equivalent - 200 Lumens

Named after their similar appearance to an ear of corn, the LED Corn Cob Bulbs provides full illumination in all directions. They are great replacements for any high lumen-output lights including post top lamps, exterior wall packs, interior high bay lamps, street lights and highway lighting.

LED Corn Cob Bulb - 120 Watt - E39 Base - 275W Equiv - 16,800 Lumens - LumeGen

This premium 2 foot x 2 foot led flat panel is ideal for use in offices, schools and universities, conference rooms, libraries, and other hospitality facilities. The panel is constructed of heavy duty aluminum with a frosted lens for the best light possible. Available from LumeGen, this flat panel is the modern solution for replacing fluorescent lights.  We also have the 1 foot x 4 foot size available on sale.

Premium Flat Panel LED - 25 Watt - Dimmable - 3250 Lumens - LumeGen

LumeGen's 360 degree Ceiling Mount provides a simple energy saving solution to use light only when and where you need it. This sensor also has a daylight sensor for even more added lighting customization and energy savings.

360 degree Ceiling Mount 3 Step Dimming/Motion/Daylight Sensor - 2500 square feet Coverage Area

The 4 foot LED shop light from Euri is the energy efficient LED replacement for a 75 Watt lamp. This shatter resistance light provides easy installation and is ideal for use in work areas and academic buildings. You can link up to 10 lights to create a long strip of continuous illumination (hanging chain and linking hardware included).

LED - 4 foot - Shop Light - 42 Watt - 75W Equiv - 4000 Lumens - Euri

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