Home Décor Tips for LED Strip Lighting

Home Décor Tips for LED Strip Lighting

Interior Designers seem to have figured out how to integrate LED Strip Lights in creative and useful techniques. Traditional uses for strip lights are under your cabinets, above a kitchen counter or above your desk. But, you can also use these lights to illuminate larger areas such as the space above a wall of cabinets, tucked inside a recessed architectural feature, right beneath a banister, or inside bookshelves or glass-front cabinets. With features like efficiency, durability, environment-friendly, and cost effectiveness, LEDs will not only save consumers on energy expenses, but can also be used to enhance your living space.

LightUp.com has four different types of Strip lights available to let your home lighting imagination go wild.

Our first type of strip lighting are the undercabinet strip lights . Available in 12, 18 and 24 inch lengths, these strip lights are perfect for use under cabinets to provide additional light an ambience to you kitchen.

The second type of strip lighting are referred to as Flex Strips . These are slender strips of miniature bulbs that can be adhered to any surface, like tape, rendering invisible when off and emanating light when on. A bonus feature is that the flex strips can be cut to size.

A third type of strip lighting are Magnetic Lighting Strips . These light strips have magnetics on the back to hold the LED strip onto an existing ceiling troffer.

The fourth and final type of strip light are <a href=https://www.lightup.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=lightbar> Lightbars. These strips of lights are unique because you can create uninterrupted strips of light by linking with other lightbars.

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