Finding the Right LED Bulb for Your Fixture

Finding the Right LED Bulb for Your Fixture

Decorating your home can be both fun and exhausting. Once you have decided on a style, the fun begins with choosing wall color, furniture, rugs, wall hangings, and lighting fixtures. And after all that work, time and expense, you don't want to let something like choosing the wrong light bulb dampen your dream room.  Let's go over some tips for matching the right LED bulb for your fixtures.

Let's start with lamps. Whether it's a floor or table lamp you'll want to use a spiral or closed-A shape bulb. Choose bulbs where the color temperatures are on the warm-side, 2000K to 3000K.  This light ranges from orange to yellow-white in appearance offering an ambience that is cozy and inviting.

Since pendant fixtures tend to have part or half of the light bulb exposed, your choices are limited for possible light bulbs. You can use a traditional bulb, however globe shaped bulbs are more aesthetically pleasing. As with floor and table lamps, you'll want the color temperatures on the warm-side.

Ceiling fixtures are generally enclosed, so the light bulb is not visible giving you more options for bulbs than what the pendant fixture does.  Choosing an LED light will immediately be beneficial solely due to the long-life span.  If you have flush mount lighting , you can have your choice in bulbs and color temperatures as it depends on the atmosphere you are going for in the room.

With recessed lighting, it's important to choose a bulb that does not exceed the maximum wattage for your fixture. This is because recessed can fixtures do not allow for much ventilation and are at risk for a fire hazard.

Wall Sconces tend to need a smaller bulb and are usually of the decorative style. Decorative bulbs are small enough to be covered completely by the sconce and are either tube or flame shaped.

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